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Friday » Thinking about you, baby girl! *hugs*
gen » Hello there!
Friday » Happy New Year, my darlin' girl!
Friday » Missing you, sweetheart.
Friday » Merry Christmas, my love.
Kerli » I was here *hugs*
Kerli » Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu, Blifme sweetie!!! *hugs*
Fallenmaples » hugx. hope u are doing well dren
Friday » Precious layout. It's been so long since I've been by. I'm very remorseful. I love you still, my darlin' baby girl!
~justme~ » *hugs*
Katie » Cute blog
ella » hi blifme!! how r u? its been so long since my last visit here.. hehehe.. what's new? oh i know.. ur design.. nice.. its very nice..
Parisian15 »
Fallenmaples » where haf u been dren? hugx.have a great weekend ahead aite.
nezz » gila!
Angelic's Kisses » Hello dear ! How have you been !!!!
Fallenmaples » happy new year dren! MUCCCKKKKSSSS
Sweetrosie » hi bliffy i love valentines bringing you a whole bunch of *hugs* have a great friday love ya
Darkangel » hey. i finally have my new domain up and running. hope you drop on by. big hugs.
Fallenmaples » dropping by with lots of love
Fallenmaples » dropping by with lots of love
hip » hey blifikus- =] i <3 ur new layout its too cute. =] glad to hear from u as always..
Darkangel » BTW, Love the new layout.
Darkangel » OMG !!! it was so good to hear from you. as for wordpress, believe me, i had my struggles with it for over a month. lol but once you figure it out, it is easy Big hugs. don't be a stranger.
blifme » Jas, i will answer the question later, I totally forgot about me being tagged after I did the layout
Kerli » Hi, sweetie pie! *hugs* U didnt know its a doggy! Dont be so sad, it was meant to happen, u couldnt change it. *hugs again* I hope u reached a message from me in the end of last year. Tc! Miss u!
Fallenmaples » u've been tagged!
Fallenmaples » hugx.miss ya girl.hope u are well.take care
Fallenmaples » hey are u? Hugx.hope u are well. take care
Fallenmaples » hugx.hey are u.hope all is well.muckx
razelle » hi nice blog...
Friday » love you bliffy
Sweetrosie » Happy new year bliffy ... sorry about grandmas doggy ... have a grerat week-end *new years hugs*
Christina. » Merry Christmas! *hugs* Wishing you a joyous holiday season! xoxox Love ya!
Sweetrosie » *big big christmas hugs*
Jordan » Thx for stopping by Merry Christmas
Angelic's Kisses » hi babe ! How have you been ? so long since i have heard from you ! hehe .. i have changed my blog add. just clicky click okay =]]
Fallenmaples » muckx.have a great weekend bliffy
Jordan » Just dropping by to say hi
hip » blifikus.! i miss u.!
Scarlet » FINALLY!! She's BACK! Good to see you, girl... Keep it coming!
dania » you crazy nut lady!! I misssssshhh you
Fallenmaples » miss u girl. hope to hear frm u soon . . .have a great weekend!
Kerli » Missing you loads, sweetie pie!!! Take care always! And dont forget to smile. Luv ya! ***HUGS!***
fallenmaples » taggssss. muckx
fallenmaples » hey babe.good luck with everything and i hope everything is going on well for u! take care and love ya! muckxx
Angelic\'s Kisses » Helo ! Have a good day
fallenmaples » missing u!
Sweetrosie » hi bliffy ... missing you ... bringing you *tons of hugs*
dania » dreeeennnnn,.....where are you?! haha, well i hope things are going better aight? hope to hear from you soon!
Christina. » *hugs* Miss ya Bliffy .. hope everything went well. xoxox
Sweetrosie » missing you bliffy ... *huge hugs*
fallenmaples » miss u babe.anyway.u have been tagged!
Sweetrosie » bliffy missing you ... hope you are doing okay *lots of hugs*
Friday » Bliffy, my own sweet girl -- I've rec'd your gift -- I am touched beyond words. *hugs* love you, my darlin' girl!
Angelic's Kisses » hur hur .. when are u coming back ?
dania » *knock knock* hey you girl..where for art thou? haha. have fun working out too. Weekend is to parrtaaayy..
Scarlet » Boo!
Friday » Love you, baby girl!
Sweetrosie » *great big hugs*
Sweetrosie » have a great week end *tons of hugs* love ya ...
Angel Tears » Hey Bliffy, come back soon k?? And when ever you get a chance, please update my link!! Thanks *Hugz*
fallenmaples » muckxx
bliffy » Yippee!
Friday » Bliffy baby .. I finally posted some of yoru precious codes. I'm so baaaad -- I've neglected bdi! Love you!
Hallie » hi!
Friday » Oooooo .. prezzie! Yay! Yes, love ... 3328. lots of love hugs for my baby girl!
Sweetrosie » mising you bliffy*lots of hugs*
thestrokeshabit » HI!!!! nice website.visit me sometime.
Angelic's Kisses » hello !! so long since you tag me =(
Angelic's Kisses » hello !! so long since you tag me =(
Christina. » HI Sweetie .. I like the colors in here, so light and relaxing. *smiles* Miss ya hun! xoxox
Sweetrosie » bringing you lots of *hugs* love ya bliffy ...
Angel Tears » Hey Blif!! I finally came back to the blogging world, check out my blog for the update!!
Sweetrosie » hi bliffy have a great weekend *big big hugs* love ya
fallenmaples » miss u babe.take care and have a great week!
Sweetrosie » bringing you lots and lots of *hugs*
Deirdre » Thanks for the prayers for Jaime. Glad you are doing well.
Deirdre » Hey Blif! How are ya?
Sweetrosie » hi bliffy bringing you *lots of hugs*
Fallenmaples » Muckkxxxxxx
Melly » you have a contact form
Sweetrosie » hi bliffy bring you tons of *hugs*
hip » wrong addy- this is right.
Angelic's Kisses » Hi darling ~ I know nuts about Php but i know a good tutorial site for it. I'll mail it to you righty ? I got a new layout up ^^ .. Do pop by and tell me how awful it is ~ love love ~
hip » Here's the other one =] i dunno which i like better though- guess ill let him pick.. anyways write me back love ya-
hip » BLIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF i did it- er well i have 2 versions- i redid my hunnys page- anyways- so click my name n look see.. lol
geordae » just stopping by again havent been here in a while they layout is great talk to you later bye
Angelic's Kisses » love love ~
blifme » Forget you? Never! I'll never forget all of you . As son as I figured out how to start it, and actually got the site up, I'll notify asap .
Angelic's Kisses » Actually its really nice to have a webby on your own. I wanted it too but my bf says im too tied with school to really be able to blog so much. Im sure you do ! I support you ! Don forget me though
ski » Hey sweetie! long time no talk... btw..I'm taking number 16 . . . U gave me an Idea... I'll proabably make my own icon with my own photo ...will give you credit when I'm done
Sweetrosie » hi bliffy glad to see you ... i missed you ... have a great thursday *lots of hugs*
Sweetrosie » hi bliffy i have missed you ... have a great evening csi is great *lots of hugs*
Angelic's Kisses » Lolz .. =) never tried shopping online before..
Angelic's Kisses » by the way when u shop online , where do you always shop ?
Angelic's Kisses » Hello dearie .. your blog is still looking as good as ever and im freaking stress as ever .. spare me some stress buster tips would you
Fallenmaples » smoochiesssss for u bliffy.hope ur weekend was great