Yippee! - Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hello all! Yes, FINALLY, as promised I have a new layout!  Tee hee. What do you guys think of it? It took me this whole day to finish it. Phew, and I like the outcome. Not bad for a day's work. I'm so glad with the 5 working days policy so I can have time for myself on saturday to do my own stuff. Because usually I will be with Ryan or work.

Anyways, the lyric's from Jesse Mccartney's Because You Live song. I like that song and he's cute . I found the sleeping cupid pic from stock.xchng and I just have to make a layout out of it. I was suppose to iron all my clothes and do some house chores, but I ended up making a layout instead . And the worst thing is, I finished  whole packet of M&Ms (big packet) while doing the layout. I hope you guys like the layout.

How are you guys? Well, I just cut my hair short, and I mean really short! Above shoulder lenght, bob style. A new look for a change. Wait till I take some good pic of myself and put it up. I went to Labuan on 16/1 till 18/1 for sales trip and it was so much fun. I went with two colleagues and we shopped like mad! I bought Bvlgary's Aqva and hush puppies' boxers for Ryan, Ralph Lauren's Style for myself, lots and lots of chocs cause Labuan's a duty free state. And also some nice fabrics for myself. The best thing was, there were so many handsome guys in overalls that work for Oil & Gas companies! Well, I only look but I never touch ok? It's good to see outside world once in a while and being in sales gave me that opportunity. Next month we're going to Brunei . But I think it won't be as fun as the last trip cause the people I'm going with are not the fun type. As long as I get to travel.

I gotta go but I promise to go on blog hopping and post more updates. Now that I have new layout, I'm more motivated to blog . To Michelle Ferguson, I hope you can be strong enough to go through this phase. I know how it feels to lose puppies *hugs*. I hope you get the email I sent you and hope to hear soonest reply frm you. Take care all. Much Love *HUGS*.

8 got shot.

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January 27, 2006   05:38 PM PST
love the new layout... esp the quote from jesse's song. i really love the lyrics, boleh buat saya terjatuh jatuh tangga* haha.
January 22, 2006   01:11 PM PST
great to have u back dren! HUGXXXXX. +grins like an idiot. and i love the layout.lovely.

hear frm ya soon aite? take care! muckxxx
January 22, 2006   11:23 AM PST
I bet it's the M&Ms to be blamed for the chocolate coloured layout. Grr..

And what is this? You buying more chocolates? How unfair!! Double grr.

You know, I think I have been a bad friend to you and others for well..not blog hopping or catch up as much as I wanted to. So yeah, I must apologize for that but ze heart is not in blogging for the time being. But I shall be back. Hmm.

Yeah I did saw you online but someone else was using the computer so..thus why there's no reply. Also I was working really late. This work stress is getting to my head already..crap.

Apart from that, hopefully you and your sis has patched things up. I mean it's really not fun to be around with those tensed feelings y'know? Ah yes I know how it feels like to be with fun people. Make that crazy fun people :) They always brightens the day doesn't it?

Brunei has alot more cuties! I have to agree with that. Ahaks.

Well if anything, you know how to get me aight? And I will definately see you around and we shall conquer the woooorlllllddddd :P
January 22, 2006   05:22 AM PST
I got shot by Cupid now? *hehe*
January 22, 2006   05:19 AM PST
Awww, such a cute angel baby!!! :) Lovely layout! Missed u, sweetie pie!
I cannot wait to see ur new hairstyle.:)
Have fun in Brunei! :)))
Luv u!

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