Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas y'all! Normally I'll send e-cards and gifts but I'm too busy that I have not shop for christmas yet! Furthermore, I'm broke and pay will only be out on the 27th Dec. I will be on leave tomorrow and Saturday. I have to borrow some money from my mom first *tsk* shame on me . My mum still owe me MNG stuff and will only get her to buy it after christmas. I have to buy a Swatch watch for my mum, Levi's for Ryan, something for my lil sisters, and a gift for the person I got for the gift exchange in the office. Last Tuesday we already had one party in the sales and marketing department in hotel and I got a pink nike water bottle. It's sooo cute!

This Saturday we are going back to kampung and celebrate christmas there. I get to meet my cute cousins . Ryan is going back to his hometown with his family so I won't be able to celebrate it with him. Ah.... I can't wait to get presents!!

Before I go, I'd like to wish you all again a very merry christmas. I've been wanting to change my layout but didn't have the time to. Hope to change it by end of January. Merry Christmas 2005 and Happy New Year 2006! I love you all very very much! *MwaHugS*

Credits: X'mas smilies from darkmoon3636 and Shyada.

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Belstaff Blouson Jacket
April 21, 2012   01:36 AM PDT
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December 25, 2005   08:30 AM PST
Merry Christmas Blifme :)
December 24, 2005   03:10 PM PST
i miss u dren!!!!! have a wonderful xmas and may all ur dreams come true! muckxxxxxxx. love ya
December 23, 2005   08:54 AM PST
Bless you Bliffy, I wish you lots of love and happiness this Christmas and in the coming new year! xoxo
December 23, 2005   02:31 AM PST
hey blifikus thanks- and merry xmas back at u.. im supposed to find out jan. 6th if im having a boy or a girl- i cant wait
December 23, 2005   01:17 AM PST
merry xmas in advance.. thanks for visitng my site :)
December 23, 2005   12:11 AM PST
hi bliffy :) you gave me a big ol smile on my face :) i have missed you ... hope you have a great christmas :) glad to you see you stop by :) *big big christmas hugs*
Angelic's Kisses
December 22, 2005   10:22 AM PST
haha .. hi hi my dear ! been so freaking long since i have since you okay !! Hope you are doing real good =]] *hugs*

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