Update - Saturday, November 19, 2005

I hate my broadband service. I think it's getting suckier the fact that I had to on and off my modem for the uncountable times just to get my internet connection back. Note to self - Gotta complain to streamyx. I just typed a long winded entry and sudden my internet connection went kaput and I have to type all over again. Anyways, here I am, after a long neglection on my poor blog and you guys. Boo me :(. Life's been treating me very well but I'm a little under the weather, having cough and flu.

Work's been putting pressure on me and being the only one that is in charge of 3 properties, selling service and accommodations is not easy. I thought I only have to go for sales call, sales blitz, oversee group arrivals and functions, but there's more. The occupancy is very low and yesterday we had a meeting solely on how to boost the sales and marketing for the 3 properties. And I was kinda stressed up cause the meeting was chaired by the Managing Director! This is my first time have an official meeting with him and all the Exco members. I did give few suggestions on how to boost the sales and he kinda liked it so thank God. I was told to email him once every forth night to tell him the progress of my sales activities and I also need to come up with a marketing proposal for the first three months of next year by next week!

So that's basically what I've been up to, going for sales call, bring guests for site inspections, entertaining potential guests. Apart from the pressure, I like my job and enjoying it. I have few nice colleagues, a nice assistant (yes, i have my own assistant :)) and a good boss, although occasionally he can be a pain. Politics is unavoidable in working environment but the best thing is to just mind your own business.

I can wait till next pay day! I'm already broke LOL. I had to pay my internet bills, phone bill, handphone bill and utility bills. Why I'm so broke is because I didn't pay last 2 month and the amount was brought forward to last month, which means I had to pay 2 months bills :P. Luckily this month I'm not so tight BUT Christmas is around the corner and I have this long list of names that I have to buy gifts. Since I'm already working, I'll buy my mum a nice watch and my dad a nice shirt. The rest, I still need to plan on what to buy. Ryan's birthday was on the 9th November and I bought him Salvatore Ferragamo's perfume, Incanto. Not going to buy him a heavy present this X'mas LOL.

I got to go now, Emily is reaching at 8.30 and she's going to sleep over my place for a night. We have so much to "kepoh" about. "Kepoh" means gossip LOL. I can't wait to watch Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 7! Am downloading it now. You guys take care and I try my best to go for my rounds as often as I could. Love y'all and Much love... *MwahugS*

2 got shot.

November 23, 2005   12:59 AM PST
Sweetie pie, I am so glad to hear news from you!!!!!!!!!!!! A new entry after a long time. YaY!!!!!:))))) I miss you lots! Take care and see you soon I hope. *muahhh* Love you, Blifme sweetie! :)
November 20, 2005   11:18 PM PST
Hugx! miss ya babe.take care aite.been busy working.:( temp job for the holidays.so wun be ard blog hopping so much.sucks.

take care and glad to read ur latest update.muckx

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