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Blog Started: 4th October 2003

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Still on hiatus

Hello friends, I'm still on hiatus. I just got a job as Sales Executive at a 4 Star Hotel in the City and today's my third day of work. Hmm... so far so good but we have sales briefing every single day and yesterday it was until 7pm! And I was so bloody tired! My feets hurt as well cause I'm not used to wearing heels and mine are those pointed types. Ugh.. I bought many skirts and shirts but I feel that they're not enough! I need more LOL.

I will try to update once in a while. I wanna say sorry to those who were affected by Katrina. I'm so glad Friday and Mr Man is fine. My prayers go out to them and those in need.

Take care and hope to update soon. Much Love...

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

On hiatus cause I'm going back to KK for interview. HSBC called me yesterday and I've interview on Thursday. Wish me luck!

I'll tell you guys more when I'm back. Take care and much love! *mwahugs*

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Sunday, August 07, 2005
Happy Friendship and Sisters Day :)

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Friday, August 05, 2005
Happy Birthday Sweet Rosie!

Sweet Rosie, I made a lil something for you. I hope you like it :).

If you like, you can save it :). I know your birthday was a bash and I'm so happy! Love you! :D

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
So little time

Sorry for not writing in such a long time. I've so many things to do! I thought I have time for graphics after Uni life but no. I've job applications to send, another 59 icons to make for actors100 community in LJ, layouts to make, wordpress to set up on my new website, the whole house to clean... Ugh!

I went for a job interview last thursday and it didn't went well. I flew back to KK for nothing. I was in pant-suits and it was so hot, and I got blister from wearing heels. I'm not used to wearing heels you see. I applied for Sales Executive position in Hyatt Hotel and currently they only have part time posts. So I figured, why not? They only told me they have part time posts when I went there, and after almost an hour of chit-chatting, I answered all her questions, and then they told me to come back at 2.30pm to meet the sales director, so I said ok. I went back there, and the questions got more challenging but I answered them all, and then she said, "well, knowing that it's a part time job, you'll get less". I dare not ask how much, but it's on hourly basis, working time 9-5, mon-fri. I just said ok. They told me to think about it and to get them back ASAP. When I reached home, I wasn't satisfied, so I called the Human resource dept back and asked how much. To my surprise.... RM2.20/hour!!! And they call themselves an international chain hotel! I'd rather work with Coffee bean, or any fast food outlets and get more than that! And the way the Sales Director described the job was like super hard and lots of pressures bla bla bla.. and for RM2.20/hour?! Forget about it. My bad, I should have asked earlier on so I wouldn't have wasted my time going for the second interview!

I was supposed to go for another interview but the lady was really busy and yeah, basically i came back with a blister and no job. But I'm expecting a call from HSBC bank anytime soon. I'm going to apply at another hotel too. I better get back to my icon making, and other chores. Much love.

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